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Alfred August Felix Bachmann | biography and paintings

Alfred August Felix Bachmann | biography and paintings (1863 – 1956)

Alfred August Felix Bachmann German Orientalist Painter Alfred August Felix Bachmann was born in 1863 in Dirschau. After high school education, he became a student of Max Schmidt at the Königsberg Academy of Art. Traveled to the islands of the North Sea, Sicily, Normandy, Portugal and Tenerife to improve their studies. He has been living in Munich since […]

Francesco Bacchiacca | biography and paintings

Francesco Bacchiacca | biography and paintings (1494 – 1557)

Francesco Bacchiacca Italian Renaissance period, mannerist Painter Francesco Bacchiacca was born in Florence in 1494. He took his first training from Perugino. Initially, Pontomo and Rosso Fiorentino followed the artistic line. He worked with Perugino towards Mannerism and was influenced by him. He stayed in Rome for a while. In 1540, he returned to Florence and […]

Dirck van Baburen

Dirck van Baburen | biography and paintings (1595 – 1624)

Dirck van Baburen Dutch Baroque painter Dirck van Baburen was born in Wijk bij Duurstede in 1595. His father was a Jasper van, Utrecht council. In 1611, he started taking painting lessons from Paulus Moreelse, a painter of portraits and historical subjects. Probably in later years he became an apprentice of the painter. In 1612 […]