Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle Stockholm | paintings in chronological order

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Skokloster Castle Stockholm

Skokloster Castle is one of the world’s greatest baroque castles in a beautiful natural setting by Mälaren’s shore near Arlanda. The castle is from the Swedish Empire of the 17th century; it is Sweden’s biggest private palace. Visit the castle’s state rooms on your own, or take a guided tour through the beautiful rooms and halls filled with original furniture from various centuries.

The castle is a monument to the Swedish Age of Greatness, a period in the middle of the 17th century when Sweden expanded to become one of the major powers in Europe. The death of Wrangel in 1676 meant that the castle was never truly completed. The Brahe family who inherited the castle after Wrangel’s death, had their own family castles and did not complete the interiors. Thus a large banqueting hall remains largely in the same condition as the builders left it in the summer of 1676. It is now called the Unfinished Hall. Skokloster Castle is the only building in Europe with a complete 17th-century building site of equal authenticity. Alongside the Unfinished Hall there are a number of other related items from the same period, as several hundred tools and about a dozen books on construction.

Margareta Juliana, Wrangel’s eldest daughter, married Count Nils Brahe, a member of Sweden’s most exalted non-royal family. On her initiative Skokloster was made an Entailed Estate in 1701. It is a form of ownership that prohibit the owner from selling or giving away any part of the estate; the estate and its collections have thus been allowed to grow through the years.


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Skokloster Castle Stockholm | paintings in chronological order

1576 – 1600

giuseppe arcimboldo portrait of rudolf ii of habsburg as vertumnus

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, portrait of Rudolf II of Habsburg as vertumnus

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