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Tretyakov Gallery Moscow | paintings in chronological order

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Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world. The gallery’s history starts in 1856 when the Moscow merchant Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov acquired works by Russian artists of his day with the aim of creating a collection, which might later grow into a museum of national art. In 1892, Tretyakov presented his already famous collection of approximately 2,000 works (1,362 paintings, 526 drawings, and 9 sculptures) to the Russian nation.

The Gallery’s collection consists entirely of Russian art and artists who have made а contribution to the history of Russian art or been closely connected with it. The collection contains more than 130 000 works of painting, sculpture and graphics. Russian art works, ranging in date from the 11th to the early 20th century, are on the show in Gallery’s historic building on Lavrushinskiy Pereulok.

New Tretyakov

New building of the Tretyakov Gallery at Krymskiy Val houses a unique museum exhibition of national 20th century art. In 1985, the Tretyakov Gallery was administratively merged with a gallery of contemporary art. The grounds of this branch of the museum contain a collection of Socialist Realism sculpture. The Swords Into Plowshares sculpture representing a nude worker forging a plough out of a sword, and the Young Russia monument. Nearby is Zurab Tsereteli’s 86-metre-tall statue of Peter the Great, one of the tallest outdoor statues in the world.

Near the gallery of modern art there is a sculpture garden called “the graveyard of fallen monuments” that displays statues of former Soviet Union that were relocated.

There are plans to demolish the gallery constructed in the late Soviet modernism style, though public opinion is strongly against this.


Moscow, Lavrushinsky Lane, 119017

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New Tretyakov

Moscow, Krymsky Val, 10

Tretyakov Gallery Moscow | paintings in chronological order

1826 – 1850

ivan aivazovsky, on the beach

ivan aivazovsky, on the beach, 1840

ivan aivazovsky, look from st petersburg shore

ivan aivazovsky, look from st petersburg shore, 1835

1876 – 1900

ivan aivazovsky, black sea

ivan aivazovsky, black sea, 1881

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